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Full-Service Tree Pruning & Removal

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Trim Your Trees & Hedges

A&L Tree Service offers tree trimming
to maintain the look and health of your lawn. Also, our precise hedge cutting allows you to control the bushes around your house and yard.

Remove Obtrusive Trees & Stumps

Whether you want to redesign your landscape or you are having issues with trees on your property, take advantage of our tree and stump removal service to clear your yard.

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More Than 25 Years of Experience
In Business for More Than 15 Years

Who We Are

Transform your yard with locally-owned-and-operated A&L Tree Service. Based in Lubbock, Texas, we have provided tree pruning and removal services since 1998. Let us balance and shape your trees for a clean look for your property.

When tree limbs break and fall on or around your lawn after a storm, we clean up the pieces. With more than 25 years of experience, we guarantee fast and professional work at the lowest prices in the area. We meet or beat competitor rates to suit your budget.

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