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Routine Tree Trimming & Hedge Cutting

Working in Tree - Tree Trimming

Worker Working in Tree - Tree Trimming

Call A&L Tree Service when you need tree trimming or hedge cutting within the Lubbock, Texas, area. Don't forget to keep your yard looking healthy and beautiful with regular pruning services.


If your trees need a trim to remove deadwood or to cut back on the foliage, let us come out to your property. Trust our experience and thoroughness to trim all trees carefully. 

Pruning keeps your trees healthy by getting rid of the dead limbs and letting new ones grow in. With more space between limbs, light is allowed through to initiate grass growth.


When your hedges need to be shortened, we cut them down and shape them according to your preference. With our equipment, we make your hedges look appealing to the whole neighborhood.

Manicure your yard with our complete tree trimming and hedge cutting services.